Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Scrappy Rainbow Quilt

I have an unplanned quilt in the works!  A few months ago Jim & I started attending the Unitarian Universalist Church here and have enjoyed it a great deal.  One of the members is in her second battle with breast cancer and the church is holding a silent auction to raise money for her medical bills. Since I can't afford to bid on anything at the auction, I decided to whip up a super fast quilt for it.  The whole front came out of my scrap bins.  I only bought the border/backing fabric and the batting.

This is the front, pre-quilting:

I managed to quilt the layers today, with a lovely pearl grey thread.  Now I just have to bind it tomorrow before dropping it off on Friday.  I can't decide if I should bind it in black, or if I should do a pieced rainbow binding.  Hopefully the ladies on Craftster will help me figure out the answer.  Here it is with just the black borders.
And here it is with the rainbow strips laying around it.

Belated update on the Scrappy Rainbow Quilt....  When I brought it to the UU church, the Minister was concerned about having it in the auction, because all of the other items being auctioned off were smaller things, like restaurant gift cards or movie tickets.  He asked if I would mind if he kept it back from the auction, waited a few weeks, then shared it with the congregation and opened it up for silent bidding all on its own.  After about 30 minutes of fast and furious bidding (in which the minister and a particular parishioner kept trying to outbid one another), it went to the parishioner for several hundred dollars!  Here I am with the winner, who seemed genuinely thrilled with his new quilt.