Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tea Time & Green Tea Bracelets

Well, summer is officially over for me.  Not that it was all that long really.  I ended up getting about 2.5 weeks off of work, and tried to get as much crafting done in there as possible.  Last Thursday (my last official day off), I managed to complete 16 "in progress" bracelets that had been cluttering my desk for weeks.  Friday saw the completion of two more, bringing my 2 day total up to 18.  Some were already "charmed", but not beaded, some were beaded, but were missing charms, and some were just an idea in the back of my head that I had pulled out some supplies for.

Two of my favorites are the tea bracelets.  A Tea Time Bracelet, inspired by traditional black tea and lemon, and a Green Tea Bracelet, for a more tranquil and zen-inspired alternative. The Tea Time Bracelet includes an mix of glass, shell and crystal beads in shades of mahogany, amber, and lemon yellow.  The charms include a sugar packet, teaspoon, teacups, a fancy cake, teabags, kettle, clock, teapots, plate of toast, butter knife, and lemon slice.

The Green Tea Bracelet features a mix of glass and stone beads in shades of green, white and clear. (I really love the Aventurine beads worked in!) The charms include a sugar packet, leaves, teabags, flowers, teacups, teapot, green teabag, teaspoon, butter knife, and lemon slice.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Featured Artist Post on

My jewelry was featured on Luka Riot's website today!  In order to thank her for such a lovely write-up, I'll be giving away a Snitch Watch on her blog.  Watch for details!