Monday, October 15, 2012

Nautical Charm Bracelet (Custom Order)

Another charm bracelet to share with you today!  This one is themed around the ocean, and living off the ocean.  It features 18 nautical charms, including a treasure map, small ships wheel, fish hook, compass rose, row boat, captain at the wheel, seahorse, large anchor, sailing ship, life preserver, mermaid, large wheel, spyglass, anchor with rope, lighthouse, pirate ship, octopus, and an anchor disk. The beads are a mix of glass, Czech glass, jade, banded agate, river shell, and freshwater pearl disks, in shades of blue, sky, cyan, teal, turquoise, green, clear, and white.

A Few of Her Favorite Things Charm Bracelet (Custom Order)

I've been making ever more charm bracelets in preparation for the holiday season.  This one is a bit different for me, in that it doesn't have a single theme.  It was made for a young woman who requested it include "all of her favorite things".  There are 16 mixed gold and silver charms, including two golden owls, two silver hearts, silver fangs, bottles of blue & white glitter, a silver wolf, a golden Ravenclaw eagle, a silver angel wing, Police Box, Eiffel Tower, dragon, mustache, golden book, and silver letter L. The beads are a mix of glass, Czech glass, turquoise, quartz, and crystal, in shades of night blue, violet, royal purple, light yellow, amber, and soft pink.  She wanted the colors to be reminiscent of the boat & lanterns scene from Tangled.