Friday, December 31, 2010

Quilted Potholders for Christmas

I know I've been really quiet lately.  The end of the semester got busy, and I was crafting like mad on last minute presents, including some fun little potholders.  I made them for just about everyone, but sadly I forgot to get pictures of some of them.  Here are the ones I did get shots of...

These were for friends who just got married.  I'm hoping to finish a small wall quilt for them too...

This set was for my sister in law, Emily:

For my co-worker, Shura:

For my mother in law, Kay:

Sadly I missed pictures on those for my other sisters in law, Heather & Jennifer.  I'll have to email to see if they can take some for me.

I'll be back to post more goodies later.  Expect some new jewelry, and eventually the matching aprons and chef hats I made for my mother and my niece!

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