Monday, January 9, 2012

New Quilts in the Works...

I was trying to get excited about making some quilts this year, but to be honest, I was having a hard time.  I sometimes have what I call "Quilter's Block".  My favorite quilts, and the ones that make the greatest impact with people, are those that I'm really inspired to make for them.  But so many people seem to expect to get a quilt from me for a special event, that the list goes on and on.  The more I'm tied to the list, the less interesting and exciting my quilts are.  It's something I have learned I can't force.  It just has to happen.  

Fortunately I had one of those moments of inspiration today!  My friend Carol and her boyfriend are having their first baby and between the two of them, they are sure to produce a tiny nerdlet.  

#1. for 2012: Alien Nerdlet Quilt for Carol's son.  It started when I found the cutest/dorkiest fabric full of aliens and space ships to base it around.  Then after doing a "find this color" search on, I was able to pick out really cute coordinates that included circuit boards, stars, and gears.  Here are the fabrics:
Galaxy Visa by Michael Miller. 

Simple Circuitry in Emerald

Nuts & Bolts in Sunflower

I was so excited by the idea, I even rendered it in Photoshop!

#2. Surprise quilted project for Pinkleo, as a belated 12 Days of Christmas project.  - 50% Completed!  (Can't reveal the project till I ship it to her.)

#3. Split Decision wall quilt with leftover Sandy Gervais Grande Finale fabrics

#4. Mason Jar blocks for my own quilt

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