Monday, July 20, 2015

As Sweet As Tupelo Honey

The first of my 4 baby quilts of the summer is done.  I have to admit, that I'd forgotten just how messy my studio can get when I'm quilting.  When I'm making jewelry, everything seems to be neater.  No scraps of fabric littering every available flat surface.  No thread bits drifting around me like flakes of snow in my hair.  Let's just say I'm not happy about how much cleaning up I'm going to have to do to go back to jewelry making later this week.

I am happy with how this quilt came out though.  Because I had so many baby quilts to make in a short span of time this summer (what with a few family reunions coming up, and friends visiting soon), I decided to keep it really simple on the pattern.  Each of the four being made are strip quilts.  This one is slightly different than the others.  The strips are 3" and 6" wide.  All the others are 3.5" and 5.5" wide.  I would have done this one the same as the others, but sadly that choice was made for me.  I ordered bundles from Niche Fabric Studio on Etsy.  She normally sells precut fabric for rag quilts, but I liked her kits so much, that she agreed to make up similar bundles for me to do traditional quilting with.  I explained my plan to do strip quilts and I requested 1/4 yard cuts of each of the fabrics.  I think she was trying to use up some remnants, because two of the fabrics came already sliced.  I received 3" & 6" of the yellow chevron and the medium grey, but half yards of the others.  I wasn't really very happy about that, since I had requested 1/4 yards of everything.  Oh well, c'est la vie.

It really did come out well in the end.  The bee print is Sweet Bee in Morning, and the hive print is Honey House in Sunflower, both by Hawthorne Threads.  It was quilted in bright coral, to compliment the bees, and was backed in the Honey House print.

I can't wait to give it to the parents to be.  Chris is a former student of mine, when I was teaching in Kentucky, and he and his beautiful wife Sarah are expecting their first daughter in September.

And now, because it's in my head from writing this post, and I can't resist the crazy cat in this video, I'll leave you with some Van Morrison....

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