Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Isabelle's Garden Baby Quilt

I met my Friend David and his wife Amanda, when we were both teaching theatre in Kentucky. We soon became Work Besties, and when they had their first child, the Costume Shop staff had a great time making adorable onesies and blankets for her.  Sometimes when David had Madison at work with him for the day, he would bring her up to the shop for a bit to visit while he went to a meeting, and we'd have even more fun ignoring our work and playing with her.  When David & I both left our jobs in KY just over a year ago, I was heartbroken to loose such good friends, but thrilled that they were returning to their beloved home state of Michigan.

It is currently even more bittersweet, since they welcomed baby Isabelle to the family in June, and I have yet to meet the little lady.  Hopefully I'll get to rectify that in the not too distant future.  Until then, Isabelle will have to be content with a quilt from Aunt Jennie.  The fabrics include Poetica in Daylight, Stitchery in Aqua, Heartbeats in Cool and some Kona solids.  The back is Kona violet, with a stripe of Heartbeats.

It was shipped off to its new home with Isabelle, and should be arriving today.  I hope it gets as much use as the quilt I made for her big sister got, since that one is still being used every day!

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