Sunday, August 22, 2010

Alison's Wedding Quilt - Part 2

In the previous post I told you about the inspiration behind Alison & Dan's wedding quilt.  Here I'm going to give you a little more information on the fabrics.

I knew I wanted each fabric to be a reference to a location or environment.  I also wanted to use a great deal of vibrant colors.  I spent hours on, using their Design Wall to play with the layout.  Picking and choosing until I felt like I had something from all the major types of landscape, a good range of color, and something to represent where each of us comes from.  Here's the layout I created with the Design Wall tool:

Click on the bar to see a larger version.
All the fabrics laid out on my table.
I've included links to the specific fabrics, in case you are curious about them:
Purple - Migrating Cranes for Alison's thesis, which centered on Japanese clothing.
Arctic Blue - Abstracted Mountains for the icy cold poles that only the bravest travelers visit.
Mallard - Quiet Waters for the tropical islands we imagined running away to during grad school.
Hunter Green - Forrest Dreams for the forests in the Pacific Northwest where they now live.
Leaf Green - Meadow Grass for the Midwestern prairie where Dan grew up.
Saddle Tan - Jazzy Zebra Stripes for Africa, where Dan served in the Peace Corps.
Squash Gold - Forest Ferns for the fall foliage where I grew up in New England.
Cinnamon - Tonal Crackle for the south western desert where Alison grew up.
Wine - Sunset Ginkgo Leaves to represent Asia.
Deep Garnet - Lavish Woodgrain as a solid frame to build their life together.

Tomorrow:  Progress shots of the quilt!

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