Saturday, September 11, 2010

"Here's Looking at You"... Or, "Here's Looking at Melissa"

Again, another week goes by with me silent.  I fear this may have been a poor semester to choose to start a blog.  But as I am doing this for myself alone, and the Quilt List looms ever over me, I press on.

Tonight I completed my Mini Art Quilt!  It is all wrapped, packed, and addressed, ready to be mailed to Melissa tomorrow.  For tonight I leave you with some detail shots of the embellishing, which I admit took me many more hours than I had anticipated.  But I ask you, is there such a thing as too many stars in the sky?

The constellation, Leo.  Beaded with black river shell bead frames, pink Swarovski crystal, and glass bugles and seed beads.
Beaded starburst of black glass bugles and black freshwater pearls.
Detail of quilting, done in multiple colors to suggest various nebula.

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