Sunday, September 19, 2010

Manly Quilted Netbook Case

My husband headed back to school this semester to finish his degree.  He's been out of school for almost 6 years now, and it's been an adjustment for both of us with him going back.  The good part is he's attending classes at the university I work for, so I get to see him a few times a day and usually we have lunch together.  

He had been carrying his netbook around in his backpack, or in an old over-sized laptop case that he had to strap it into.  That just wouldn't do!  So I let him pick out some fabric from my stash and set about making him a hopefully "manly" quilted netbook case. He picked out some antique map fabric, which I had bought when making steampunk potholders for the my awesome swap partner Wulf, in the Potholder Swap earlier this summer.   I'll have to remember to post those quilted potholders I made him soon.

The quilting, which is done in purposely wonky stripes, is actually on the inside, so that the outside is nice and sleek looking.  I had originally planned to do buttons and button holes on it, but when we were in the fabric store looking around, DH picked out these antiqued bronze clasps instead. 

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