Saturday, July 16, 2011

Across the Universe - The Reveal!

My Across the Universe bracelets have finally been sent them off to their new home, and I can now reveal pictures!  

They are absolutely packed with Tibetan silver and pewter charms, and are finished with the cutest star shaped toggle clasps.
Each one boasts 19 different charms including:
Light Bulb from the Navigation room representing Eldest's lies to the people of Godspeed
Book from the Recorder Hall
Flowers that Elder picked for Amy 
Sneaker for Amy's love of running
Teddy Bear packed by Amy's father before launch
Centauri Earth, where Godspeed is headed
Koi, the fish painted by Harley

Block of Ice for Amy's parents, still cryogenically frozen
Sheaf of Wheat from the Feeder Level
Sun, which Amy misses trapped aboard the ship
Cross given to Amy by her grandmother
Star, which all the residents of Godspeed long to see
Caduceus for Doc
Sol Earth

Rabbit, genetically engineered on the Feeder Level
Palette for Harley
Cow from the Feeder Level
Infinity Symbol, for Amy & Elder's promise to stay together always
Drop of Water, manipulated by Elder and Doc

The beads are a mix of crystal, fire polished cut glass and AB glass in shades of purple, violet, indigo, sky, black and pink, as well as obsidian, rose quartz, hematite, and amethyst stone beads.  Some of my favorites are the foil backed rainbow glass beads that twinkle in shades of blue and purple when they move, the small glass stars, and the clear crackled glass with bits of bright blue inside that reminded me of the cryo-liquid in the book.
I'm so very proud of how these turned out, and it was such a pleasure to get to work with the author on a project like this.  (Somehow I don't think J.K. Rowling would answer my emails the way Beth does!)  If you enjoy mystery, suspense, sci fi, or YA fiction, I would seriously urge you to seek out a copy of this wonderful novel.  I hope you all enjoyed watching their creation from start to finish, and that it inspires you to go out to explore and create new worlds of your own!


  1. Can you make more? :)
    I wanted to buy one, but it said it was sold out.
    Can you please make more? :D

  2. That is beautiful! I loved the reasons for the different charms. You are so gifted!


  3. There are more of these bracelets on the way! I have 5 more *nearly* completed, just awaiting the arrival of two charms in the mail. I'm hoping they get here today actually!

  4. Please--please--please say that you have more of these bracelets! They are beautiful and I would love to buy one!

  5. Hi Lillian,
    There are more coming. I'm still awaiting the arrival of a single charm in the mail. The bracelets are actually all together, except for that one pesky charm. They should be in my shop very soon though!

  6. oooh! These are so... cool.
    If I win this I'm gonna memorize all the charms on the braclet