Friday, January 14, 2011

Potions Master Charm Bracelet ~ Version 2.0

A while back I created a Potions Master Charm Bracelet for SevsOnlyGirl in the Loaded Charm Bracelet Swap.  I was really happy with how it came out, not to mention psyched to be so inspired by my awesome partner, Sevs.  Here's the original:

But in the year since making that one, I've refined my technique quite a bit, and started using a different style of chain as my base, which I think wears much nicer and is more comfortable.  I decided I wanted to go back to that bracelet and try it again, with a "what I know now" kind of approach.  Here's the result:

Charms include:
~Evil eye, used to protect oneself from malicious spells
~Snake, symbol of Slytherin House
~Lightening bolt, for the Boy Who Lived
~Silver star
~Phial of lavender, to promote love, protection, courage & strength
~Inkwell & quill, for grading all those rolls of parchment
~Locket to stash a picture of your true love
~Silver Doe, Snape's Patronus Charm
~Phial of rue, symbol of sorrow & repentance; renowned as an antidote to poisons; carried to guard the bearer from poisons, werewolves and all manner of dangers
~Owl, to bear your messages
~Beazor, a stone taken from the belly of a goat which will guard against most poisons
~Spell books & an apple for studying
~Phial of sage, for longevity & increasing wisdom
~Wand, from Ollivander's
~Crescent moon
~Wire wrapped skull, like the Death Eater's masks
~Goblet in which to serve your most potent potions

All in all, I like the new one more, though I do wish I had been able to locate another copy of the locket used in the original.  There was just something about that pointy blackened locket that worked so well with this theme.  

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