Friday, January 21, 2011

Wedding & Dragonfly Charm Bracelets (Custom Orders)

In addition to the jewelry I've been posting lately, I've also finished several custom bracelet orders for one very lovely Etsy customer.  Since they came out so nice I thought I'd share them this morning.

The first is a wedding/eternity themed bracelet and earring set.  The charms include two keys, Cupid, wedding gown, tuxedo, engagement ring, 2 cherubs, Celtic heart, heart in hand, an eternity ring, and various shape pendants that include the words "I do", "amore", "Embrace", "Love", "Be mine" & "Faith, Hope, Love".  The beads are glass in shades of clear, white, silver and glass pearls, and the clasp is a rose with a single blue Swarovski crystal in it for "something blue".

Detail on charms and beads.

The second one is a Dragonfly themed bracelet and earring set for her sister.  I honestly thought finding several kinds of dragonfly charms (besides what was already in my stash) would be easy.  That turned out not to be the case!  The customer loved it though, and that's the important part.  The charms include 4 enameled dragonflies and two pewter ones, a sun, and several leaves.  The beads included light blue and lavender glass flowers and leaves, some lampwork and millifore, and silver spacers.
Detail on charms and beads.

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