Friday, January 21, 2011

Twilight Charm Bracelets (Custom Order)

The same lovely customer who ordered the previous two jewelry sets also ordered 3 different Twilight themed bracelets.  The first was just one I made up for my shop, but she ordered two more that she requested be similar to hers, but each unique in some way.  The first is a Twilight Saga theme and the charms include a chess pawn & queen, moon and star, baseball hat, apple, fork, leaf, piano, key to the cottage, lion, swan, wolf, Celtic heart, feather, motorcycle, crystal ball & crystal heart with a heart shaped toggle clasp.
The second is a Cullen family theme and includes a charm for each character in Bella's extended family.  rose (Rosalee), bear (Emmett), heart (Esme), Cullen crest (Carlisle), truck (Bella), piano (Edward), baby cup (Renesme), wolf (Jacob), feather (the Quillutes), crystal ball (Alice), peace sign (Jasper), apple, fork, star, crystal heart, evil eye for protection, key to the cottage, a baseball, and an apple shaped toggle clasp.
Both include black, red, silver and clear glass, Czech glass, Swarovski crystal, shell bead frames, glass hearts, hematite and pearls.

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