Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pureblood Pride Charm Bracelet

I'm still on a Harry Potter crafting kick.  Despite working on what seems like an unending string of Doctor's Companion bracelets that I just can't seem to keep in my Etsy, starting the Across the Universe project, and working on the Decked Out for Deathly Hallows Swap, I am apparently unable to stop making more Harry Potter themed jewelry.  

Though I'm a Gryffindor, I seem to most often craft for Hufflepuff & Ravenclaw friends, and don't often craft for any Slytherins (except for the lovely SevsOnlyGirl on Craftster).  In an attempt to even the score I've been trying to create a few new Slytherin themed pieces.  This one is sort of an ode to Miss Cissy & Miss Bella. A Pureblood Pride bracelet if you will.
The beads are a mix of Druk & fire-polished Czech glass, Swarovski crystal, freshwater pearls, and hematite.
 The charms include: Evil eye for protection, textbooks and an apple, key...
...Celtic knot, dragon, wand, castle, snake..., inkwell & quill, owl, shield, skull, moon & spider.

 Meanwhile, I listed a new Doctor's Companion bracelet yesterday morning, and it sold last night.  I listed another this morning around 10:45.  It sold at noon.  Despite my best efforts, I just can't seem to keep them in my shop!  I know it is a good thing, but I'm running out of companion themed charms. Many of the ones I do have left are being reserved as part of custom orders, leaving me waiting on more supplies to come in.  Cross your fingers and sacrifice a box of bubble mailers to the postal gods for me.


  1. These are WONDERFUL! Oh my goodness I want a Ravenclaw one so so much!

  2. Hi Sammich! I could have sworn I posted some Ravenclaw bracelets here before, but I guess I just forgot. There are a few Luna themed Ravenclaw bracelets on my Etsy though. :-)

  3. How much ? Scott