Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shiny New Browncoat Charm Bracelet

While chatting with the lovely and talented Beth Revis, I came to the rather shocking realization that I had somehow never made a Firefly themed charm bracelet.  That's when I started plotting this one. I know I posted my Kaylee bracelet already, but this one was conceived of and started before that.  While I was waiting for many of these charms to arrive, I managed to make the Kaylee bracelets out of charms and beads I had on hand.  Anyways, onto this little bit of shiny...
I wanted a less fancy feel than some of my other bracelets, so I stuck with all glass beads, no pearls or crystals.  Amber, brown, opaque red-brown and black beads fill it.  There are 17 charms, each a nod to a character or episode.  They include: 
Cow, who sadly may have forgotten how to be a cow
Chinese coins (x4)
Dancer for the ever graceful and sometimes deadly, River Tam
Space suit
Caduceus for the good doc, Simon Tam
Strawberry for sweet Kaylee

Vera, the man they call Jayne's very favorite gun
Shepherd Book's bible
Guitar, for the often nomadic feel of the show's score
Horse for the ranch where Mal grew up
Inara's fan

Zoe's pistol
Apple, for the many war stories the crew shares
Dinosaur for Wash
Star, one of many out in the black
All in all I'm pretty darn happy with how it turned out.  Hope some of you fine folks enjoy it too.  

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