Friday, June 3, 2011

Using the "Extras"

While making so many Doctor's Companion Bracelets lately, I've been ordering and using a great many of these Muse Tokens, by Tim Holtz.  All the tokens are lovely, but I've only been using the "Wonderful" tokens in my companion charm bracelets.  Problem is that each package only contains one of the "Wonderful" tokens that I need, leaving me with 11 other tokens to find uses for.  The other tokens included in the mix are Significant, Thoughts, Moments, Unique, Excellence, Courageous, Genuine, Knowledge, Lifetime, Forevermore, and Journey. 
Recently I've been trying to come up with some more creative uses for the "extras" as I've been calling them.  I managed to use some of the Forevermore and Lifetime charms in my Bella's Journey bracelet this past weekend.

Earlier this week, I created some more Doctor Who related items.  Using the Journey token and some TARDIS blue beads I made these two Journey Bracelets & I Love the Doctor Earrings.  The first is made of opaque blue glass, and the second is blueberry quartz.

Last night I continued on that same theme, but focused on some Harry Potter goodies.  I made three of these Couragous Bracelets and Brave at Heart earring sets, at least one of which I think is going to be donated to Gracious Rain's Deathly Hallows Part II Premier Party.  Apparently Launi & the folk at Gracious Rain have reserved a 200 seat theatre for the movie premier, and are hosting a whole lot of giveaways as part of the festivities.  They asked me for a donation to their prize stash, in return for handing out copies of my business card in their goody bags.  How could I turn down an offer to make someone's movie premier better?   
While I was at it, I did a Ravenclaw themed set too.  Knowledge Bracelet and Wise Owl Earrings.  And yes, I know the colors of Ravenclaw house are blue and bronze in the book, but as I had silver Knowledge tokens to use up, I went with the movie color scheme of blue and silver instead.  And they really do look rather pretty together.
Finally, I decided that I needed a way to use up several of the remaining tokens at once.  I liked the idea of doing something that mixed up the metallics, instead of sticking to one color.  Out of all the tokens, the ones I had been able to come up with the least uses for were the antiqued copper Significant, Thoughts, Moments, and Unique, and the antique bronze Excellence and Genuine. This bracelet was an attempt to get as many of them together as possible, and is based on the idea that all of us need a little extra inspiration sometimes.
Aside from the Muse tokens, the bracelet also features a silver feather, a copper quatrefoil, an antique brass angel, a gunmetal scrolly bit, a coppery flower, and a brass key, all mixed in with chunky deep purple Czech glass beads.  Now I just have about 6 more copies of each of those copper tokens to come up with uses for...

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